08 December 2018

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Who are we helping?

Who are we helping?

According to research gathered by the great people at Statista Рthere are over 26,000 paramedics in the UK in 2018.

That’s a hell of a lot – the idea for this campaign started solely around watching ambulance programmes on tv and was boosted by the constant negative social media posts with paramedics being abused, their vehicles being vandalised and police officers being called lazy for having a break.

A common theme on these programmes was that they would often stop to grab a coffee or quick bite to eat only to be interrupted by another 999 call.

The Campaign

If a blue light worker is spotted trying to grab a drink or bite to eat – let them jump the queue! If you have a business, display our logo and promote the fact you support emergency services queue jumping – on duty obviously !

As part of this campaign, get sharing your positive images of our emergency crews – if they are taking a break, parked up or just having a laugh – they’re humans too – humans that save lives!

Although the starting point was Paramedics, our campaign is to support all Emergency Services.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram – Get sharing our logo, our idea and get everyone on board!

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