About Us

About Us

We would like priority given to our Emergency Services on duty who want a drink or bite to eat. #BlueJump

Businesses can promote the fact they support our on duty emergency services using our logo.

Post positive images of emergency crews online taking a well earned break before they save another life.

Share our logo on Social Media to stop the trolls from moaning about queue jumping by the crews.

Tweet, post, share all the amazing things the emergency services are doing.

This is a nonprofit campaign to increase respect for our Emergency Services by letting any on duty Emergency Service to Queue Jump for food and drink.

Through watching one of the many TV shows about Ambulance crews it was a common theme that whilst on duty they would stop off to get a coffee or bite to eat only to be interrupted by another 999 call. My idea is to let these on duty crews jump the queue. If any small minded people have an issue with this they can be directed to our website which will explain – politely, obviously.

As a business owner you can promote our campaign by displaying our badge for Emergency Services, then serve any on duty crew first.

As a customer, if you see an on duty crew queuing for some food or drink let them go first before they have to run to another 999 call.

So what is this campaign all about?